Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 3

Yesterday the greatest thing happened at our house - our dog Jazz had 6 AMAZING little puppies! Beautiful. I haven't picked them up yet, I like to wait until they are a few days old and mamma feels more comfortable. She's resting nicely in the warm hay loft and she seems so proud. In about a week their eyes will open and then it's time to play! Here's a great shot of puppies that were born last spring, they are 3.5 weeks in this pic.My breakfasts tend to be similar each day. I'll eat something until I exhaust it, eat something else until I exhaust it, then move back to the previous breakfast. The one thing that does not usually change are berries. Blueberries mostly. I try to eat locally, especially in the summer, but berries are something I do not live without.

Today's breakfast - Dorset muesli, skim milk, blueberries.

I buy coffee in the morning maybe once a week from Country Style, but most days I make my own and bring along my Tim Horton's travel mug. I'm not so much of Tim's fan, but this mug works great with the easy sliding lid.

Mid morning snack was canned pineapple. It's not something I eat usually but we were out of fruit, other than berries, and I found this little can in the cupboard.

Then, before lunch I had a sweet tooth, so I had just a bite of this carrot cake Cliff bar. I find the carrot cake flavour to be ok, but they were on sale last week so I thought I'd pick up a few.

Lunch was a beautiful salad - mixed greens, shaved carrot, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, left over chicken and Renees Japanese Ginger dressing. On the side (dipped in dressing on the plate) I had 1/2 ww tortilla.

During my lunch break I hit up the grocery store. Glad I did because around 3pm this apple was needed! I'm a Royal Gala or Ambrosia apple fan.

Dinner was camera shy - I totally forget to take photos! When I got home I noticed some broccoli getting a little limp in the fridge. I mixed it with some chicken stock, water, bay leaf and an onion and let it simmer for about 30 min. Then added some thyme and pepper, a bit of soft tofu, and blended it up with the immersion blender to make a great looking soup! With the soup we had gourmet grilled cheese. WW bread, real cheddar, spinach and some chicken breast baked with balsamic vinegar - delish! I was feeling munchi, and ate a good handful of chocolate chips in the evening.

Here are some not so great shots of mamma dog with her pups. She's pretty protective right now, in a few days I'll be able to get some better shots. Good night!


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